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Take Charge of Your Life, Start a Business: Canadian Business Registration

After taking the life-altering decision of starting your own business, there are more decisions to follow. Telesearch Corporate Services Inc. will help you with registering your business in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and elsewhere in Canada. Learn more about incorporating your business in Canada.

Incorporation, Business Name Registration and More

A requirement to incorporate, the NUANSĀ® search will show other incorporations, business names and trademarks for the province and across Canada.Telesearch Corporate Services Inc. will assist you with searching and registering a business name as a sole proprietorship, partnership or an operating name for a corporation. We also register the Articles of Incorporation for a name or number from which to conduct a business for the benefit of a lower tax rate or for the limited liability protection offered to a corporation.

Minute Book Setup

In addition to name search and registration, Telesearch Corporate Services Inc. can provide the minute book setup and annual minutes for your corporation. Setting up the minute book usually consists of providing the minute book, a corporate seal, share certificates, bylaws, organizational papers and opening minutes.

As an agent for Sterling Marking Products, we provide the Mark Maker corporate seal and minute books at competitive prices.

Due Diligence Reports for Ontario, BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan Law Firms

Telesearch Corporate Services Inc. provides a range of documents required for due diligence procedures carried out by law firms based in Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan and throughout Canada. Contact our Ontario office for assistance with gathering the following documents:

Profile Report

Simply put, profile reports show who owns a business. This document states the head office address, directors and officers of a corporation, or the name and address of a sole proprietor or partnership.

Profile reports are used mainly by lawyers who need to confirm that their client has the authority to act for the corporation or are going to court to prove who the directors and officers are for the corporation or who the owner is in the case of a sole proprietorship or partnership. Corporate profile and business names reports can be certified for court or uncertified

Certificates of Status

Certificate of Status is a certified document which is used by lawyers to prove the corporation is in good standing and that the corporation has not been dissolved.

Bankruptcy Reports

Bankruptcy reports are generated to show whether the business or individual is listed in the bankruptcy database. Checking bankruptcy reports is a part of due diligence searches for lawyers.

Personal Property Security Act Searches or Registrations

Personal Property Security Acts are used mostly by lawyers to confirm the existence of a lien against inventory, accounts, equipment, motor vehicles or other forms of registrations as a Share Purchase Agreement or GSA. A property act is also necessary to register a lien for a client.

Property Sub Searches

Property sub search is mostly used by lawyers to confirm transfer and ownership of property and some details of an existing mortgage.

Bank Act Securities Searches

Bank Act Security search confirms whether a corporation, business or an individual has issued securities under the Bank Act.

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